AquaSense Pool Controller

A Community pool

A Community pool in Orange County California has chosen to install the AquaSense four pool controller for their four pools including a beach lagoon and learner pools.

The AquaSense four pool controller is controlling the free chlorine and pH levels in all four pools centrally, and was chosen for it’s superior control options including; PID control, chlorine control, pH control, recirculating pump control, data logging and remote access via GPRS or CDMA.

The AquaSense is installed in over 200 swimming pools in Europe providing pools with better control of the residual chlorine level. With better control, pools are able to reduce their residual chlorine level which in turn reduces combined chlorine levels and leads to a more pleasant bathing experience for customers whilst ensuring their safety.

Pi AquaSense Pool Controller

AquaSense Pool Controller

The World Health Organisation recommends that the amount of residual free chlorine in swimming pools should be less than 1 ppm, however, some states in the USA make it mandatory that there is higher level in the pools…why the discrepancy? This is due to the difficulty in controlling the amount of chlorine in a pool particularly when using ORP sensors. The better the controllers the more precisely chlorine levels can be controlled and the lower the chlorine can be, with confidence that it is always there. Perhaps if all pools used an AquaSense controller, US States could mandate a chlorine level in line with the World Health Organisation recommendations?

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