Antony Jarvis of Pi visits Morecambe Bay Oysters

Antony Jarvis of Pi visits Morecambe Bay Oysters

This was the sight that met Antony Jarvis of Pi when driving to visit a customer in the UK to provide support for an aquaculture application.

“I wasn’t sure the sat nav was working!” said Antony on returning from his visit to Morecambe Bay Oysters.

Morecambe Bay Oysters have purchased a multiparameter CRATOS analyser from Pi to measure salinity, dissolved oxygen and pH in a crucial part of their process, investing to ensure that their product quality is second to none.

Morecambe Bay Oysters are the largest oyster nursery in Europe and supply the finest quality hatchery seed and part-grown Crassostrea Gigas oysters (the Pacific Oyster).

The CRATOS multiparameter analyser and controller from Pi can utilise a range of sensors including DO, pH, Conductivity (salinity), chlorine, chlorine dioxide, biofilm, ORP and more!

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