Thermomed personnel commissioning a CRATOS in a Ministry cabin in Turkey

Thermomed personnel commissioning a CRATOS in a Ministry cabin in Turkey

Pi and Thermomed are pleased to announce the installation of the 60th waste water monitoring station under the Turkish Ministry of the Environment project requiring all industries with a certain effluent flow to install sophisticated monitoring stations on the outlet.

The Ministry monitoring stations are large cabins that incorporate pumps, monitoring systems for pH, DO, conductivity, and more recently to include COD and turbidity. The cabins then communicate directly with the Ministry, reporting online what is happening on the waste water treatment works.

Thermomed, (Pi’s partner in Turkey) build the cabins around a Process Instruments CRATOS and bespoke, Ministry designed, autoflush. The CRATOS communicates with a PC in the cabin via Modbus and from there to the Ministry via the Internet.

The Process Instruments CRATOS is an extremely capable multi-parameter analyser that in recent installations has sensors for pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, flow, chemical oxygen demand and suspended solids.

Thermomed personnel build, install, commission and maintain the cabins that are installed all over Turkey.

Mike Riding, Managing Director of Pi said “We are very proud of supplying our analysers to such an important application in Turkey and we are pleased with our partnership with Thermomed, an extremely capable and professional company based in Istanbul, Turkey.”

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