First Crius controller in Argentina

CRIUS Instrument Controller installed in Argentina

Pi is pleased to report the expansion of its operations in South America to include Argentina with the successful sale, installation and operation of an online pH meter and residual chlorine analyser.

The installation includes a CRIUS instrument controller, a double flow cell and dual PID controls. After two months of negotiations between Pi’s Argentinian distributor Fiammengo S.r.l. and a pharmaceutical laboratory, the online instrument controller was installed in a concrete water tank which is maintained at around 30°C and contains metabisulfite and soap. The customer turned to the Pi chlorine analyzer and online pH controller after being plagued by problems with the performance of other instruments, and has had no problems in the two months since beginning operation.

This installation brings the total number of countries that have Pi instrumentation installed to over fifty-five and adds Argentinia to; Peru, Bolivia, Columbia and Brazil in South America. Pi recently won the export achievement award in the Burnley Business Awards and is a finalist in the Be Inspired Business Awards due to be awarded in September.