Chlorine Autoflush at a Brazilian Mill still going strong after eight years!

Chlorine measurement in white water
Chlorine measurement in white water, a second more recent installation in the same mill.

A Total Chlorine Autoflush made for Buckman Chemicals eight years ago is still going strong in a paper mill in Brazil.

Measuring Total Chlorine in the white water of a paper machine is an extremely difficult application, only made possible by the use of the Autoflush.

Pi Visit Puckman Chemicals’ Paper Mill

Visiting the paper mill as a guest of Buckman Chemicals to look at the new Autoflush units for the second paper machine on site, Mike Riding of Pi said:

“I wasn’t exactly surprised to see it still working perfectly in this very demanding application, but I was extremely happy to hear how well it has worked for eight years. The Autoflush works by keeping the sensor clean rather than cleaning it after is has got dirty. It does this by regularly flushing the sensor with clean water”.

Total chlorine Autoflush
Pi’s Total Chlorine Autoflush has stood the test of time.

To watch a video of the Autoflush working, click here.

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Chlorine Autoflush at a Brazilian Mill still going strong after eight years!

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