Industry 4.0 a reality with CRIUS®4.0

The release of CRIUS®4.0 from Pi is a huge leap for water instrumentation.

CRIUS4.0 Instrument Controller
CRIUS®4.0 Instrument Controller

CRIUS®4.0, IoT and MQTT

CRIUS®4.0 is the first water quality analyser anywhere in the world to incorporate MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transfer), which is an IoT (Internet of Things) communication protocol. MQTT means that communications between the cloud and a CRIUS® are now easier, faster, and more secure.

MQTT allows data to be moved between a cloud server and the analyser more simply and more quickly. This means that the CRIUS® can use any low-cost SIM card and can send data continuously to the cloud meaning that data is available live to the customers and applications that use it.

To coincide with CRIUS®4.0, Pi has also released Control InSite and Data InSite.

Control InSite provides for live remote access with any CRIUS® setup to connect to the internet using its inbuilt modem or LAN connections.

Data InSite Logo
Data InSite Logo
Control InSite Logo
Control InSite Logo

Data InSite is a cloud-based data storage portal providing compliance reporting and reporting for all data relevant to an industrial process. To watch an animation describing InSite, click here.

To see how Pi can support your organization with our CRIUS®4.0 instrument controller, click here.

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Industry 4.0 a reality with CRIUS®4.0
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