Pi welcomes its new Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Impact Co-ordinator

After an extensive but enjoyable interview process Chantelle Greenhalgh was selected from a strong field of candidates and took up her new position on Monday 25th April.

When asked what drew her to the role, Chantelle said “After a long period of continuous employment with the same employer, I felt like I needed a challenge so I’ve done a few fixed contract roles until I found the right role for me. Looking after the Quality, H & S and Environmental aspects of a friendly, technical manufacturing company feels right for me. I will be able to make a real difference to this great company and can play my part ensuring that Pi’s customers get exactly what they need first time and every time. The technical nature of the products and applications will keep me on my toes and its great to be part of a team of such committed professionals.”

Mike Riding, Pi’s Managing Director referred to the recruitment process, “Finding the right people for the right role is probably the most important job that I do here at Pi and I am particularly pleased that we have been able to attract a candidate of Chantelle’s calibre. Not only am I confident that she will do an extremely good job for Pi, looking after and developing the internal systems that we rely on, but I think she will bring a new dimension to the team, providing a new outlook and new ideas to challenge the status quo. I am looking forward to working closely with Chantelle.”

Pi continues to expand and is currently recruiting for extra applications and engineering talent to join the sales team, and also another scientist to work in the Development department.

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June 22nd, 2016|News|

Coagulation Control for Midleton near Cork, Ireland

Coagulation control is essential for the production of safe drinking water and Irish Water and Cork County Council are investing in the latest technology at Midleton Water Treatment Works near Cork, Ireland.

An automatic coagulation control system from Pi comprising of a central controller, UV254 monitor (for measuring the organics in the water), pH sensor (for raw water and coagulated water) and a Streaming Current monitor (to measure the charge post coagulation addition) all connect to a central controller with a simple and intuitive HMI (display and buttons).

From the controller the coagulation controller automatically uses one of the measurands to control a dosing pump that pumps more or less coagulant depending on the results from the measurement.

The controller allows the operator to easily and simply change the measurand on which the coagulant is based, so for example when the organics in the water are dominant it may use the UV254 measurement to control coagulant. When it rains and the nature of the raw water changes (for example the turbidity goes up) it may be more appropriate to change the coagulant control to be based on the raw water turbidity. Currently such changes would be done manually although in the future, as more information is available from the plant, the process can be automated.

Coagulation control systems in the past have either been based on a single measurand, making them unreliable when the raw water changes, or with multiple variables feeding into a complex algorithm, making them costly and unwieldy as they are difficult to understand and manage.

Pi’s solution is to have multiple single measurand control systems, all in the same analyser,  which can be selected […]

June 8th, 2016|News|

New Analyser Controllers from Pi

The latest controllers from Pi are now complete and available for purchase from your local distributor. Pi has been working on the new CRONOS® and Version 3 CRIUS® for nearly three years and they bring a new level of functionality, flexibility and affordability to the analyser, controller market.

The two new controllers bring an extremely capable set of electronics to the water quality analyser market introducing a number of new features including;

  • Mobile phone style intuitive navigation,
  • Proactive maintenance warnings on all sensors,
  • 20 individual security passwords with flexible permissions,
  • State of the art “group” datalogs for ease of export and analysis in a spreadsheet.

When asked what new feature he was most proud of, Pi’s Development Director Dr. Craig Stracey referred to the underlying code structure, “The way we have written the code for this latest version of Pi’s analyser family means that it is extremely robust, upgrades easily, is very intuitive to use and looks great!”

When asked how his customers were receiving it, Pi’s territory manager for the Far East Dr. Rob Paramore commented “They love it! It’s very easy to use for them and the operators, yet it has a whole bunch of really great features. The PID control is superb and there are some great features like the downloadable service file which is a human readable file with every setting on the analyser recorded. It’s fabulous for help with service or setup issues and is great to have as a backup. They’ve been really well received.”

The new CRONOS® and CRIUS® have now been shipped all over the world and are fully equipped with extensive I/O, datalogging and PID controls. A world beating cloud based remote […]

May 24th, 2016|News|

Swimming Pool Controller from Pi is installed in a school in Pennsylvania, USA

A swimming pool controller from Pi has been installed by Link Automation at Owen J Roberts Middle School, Pennsylvania.

The CRIUS® AquaSense at the school’s 25 yard competition pool monitors for ORP, pH and Free Chlorine, with displays for all of these as well as temperature. Using the 4-20mA output, they are also displaying the pH and Chlorine levels on the pool deck, in real time on an external LED display.

The AquaSense controller is managing the High Capacity Feed (HCF) Chlorination System, and is maintaining within 0.02ppm and 0.01pH under almost all conditions using an eduction feed of both bleach and muriatic acid.

For more information about swimming pool controllers from Pi, please visit our website, or to discuss your application in detail, give us a ring today.

May 10th, 2016|News|

Bintech take Pi’s new controller to the Water Industry Operators Association of Australia (WIOA) Conference

Last year, Pi’s Australian partner Bintech attended the WIOA’s 78th Victorian Water Industry Operations Conference and Exhibition held in Bendigo, Victoria, and showed off Pi’s new controller as part of their stand.

The conference held on the 2nd and 3rd September, was attended by over 1300 water industry employees and gave them a chance to network and discuss ideas and issues while sharing their latest developments and technologies.

The WIOA conferences aim to provide the opportunity to meet with other water industry professionals to discuss the latest advances in the industry regarding technical equipment, products and services, by sharing knowledge and skills through interactions, presentations and company stands.

Bintech have started supplying Pi’s third generation CRONOS and CRIUS controllers across Australia, specialising in free and total chlorine analysers, ozone analysers, dissolved oxygen monitors, turbidity/suspended solids meters, pH meters and ORP meters.

For more information on the projects carried out by Bintech using Process Instruments analysers, please visit in Australia, or

April 27th, 2016|News|