Pi was recently invited to a panel discussion with the government sectors in Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province, to discuss their coagulation control system (CoagSense) and the DAF coagulation control and dosing system (DAFSense®). The main purpose of these two events was to explore how to use advanced technologies and products to promote the sustainable and proper use of water resources.

Pi China meeting

Located in southwest China, Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province are extremely rich in water resources. They are the source of major rivers in China such as the Lantsang River, Nujiang River and Pearl River. However, the two provinces currently face significant difficulties, including making effective use of water resources, and how to deal with environmental problems such as sewage treatment.

In Yunnan Province, Pi had in-depth discussions with Yunnan Water Group, Yunnan Environmental Protection Industry Association, and Yunnan Provincial Department of Ecological Environment on the technical characteristics and advantages of Pi’s drinking water quality online monitoring system, sewage treatment, and sewage online monitoring system.

Similarly, in Guizhou Province, Pi had more in-depth conversations with the Guizhou Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment. The main topics of  conversation were Pi’s coagulation control system (CoagSense) and DAF control system (DAFSense). These products would be beneficial as they can effectively improve the coagulation process in drinking water and the online monitoring of wastewater treatment.

As the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of water quality analysers, Pi is pleased to participate in the water processing, distribution network, sewage treatment and other water treatment sectors in Yunnan Province and Guizhou Province. Pi is also pleased to be involved in the contribution to local water treatment causes with its high-quality and reliable water quality analysers.

The events were arranged and organised by the Department of Business and Trade, UK Government.

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