Pi recently serviced a UV analyser (UV254Sense) and controller (CRIUS®4.0) unit at Gorthleck Development Centre, located near Inverness, Scotland.

uv254sense senssor

Gorthleck Development Centre is a decommissioned water treatment works, that is now used as a test facility.

The site visit took place in early December, during the harsh weather. One of Pi’s service engineers drove through the ice and the snow in the stunning Scottish Highlands to reach the site. In fact, on the day that the service visit took place it was -5°C!  

uv254sense controller

The UV analyser (UV254Sense) from Pi monitors both UVA (Ultra-Violet Absorbance) and UVT (Ultra-Violet Transmission) in real time. It monitors UVA and UVT by passing a low flow of water continuously through a fixed silica cuvette, and by shining a UV254 light through the flow of water thus measuring how much is absorbed (UVA) and how much is transmitted (UVT).

The absorbance of light in UV254 monitors provides an indication of the amount of aromatic organic matter in the water. Therefore, making it the perfect choice for measuring total organic carbon in monitoring organics removal from a process.

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