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UV254 Analyser – UV254Sense Probe

The UV254Sense Probe UVA/UVT monitor provides real time organic UVA (ultra-violet absorbance) and UVT (ultra-violet transmission) analysis.

The real time monitoring of organics in water has improved greatly with technological improvements in spectral analysis of the ultraviolet light range using the UV254 analyser which as standard comes with UV transmittance and UV absorbance outputs (selectable). It does this by passing a low flow of water continuously through a known gap in the probe and by shining a UV254 light through the water measuring how much is absorbed (UVA) and how much is transmitted (UVT).

The concentration of contaminants, such as the organics that lead to disinfection by products (DBPs), can be determined by measuring the light absorbed by a water sample at a particular wavelength (254nm). The absorbance of light used in UV254 monitors provides an indication of the amount of aromatic (or reactive) organic matter in water, making it an excellent choice as a surrogate measurement for total organic carbon (TOC) in monitoring organics removal from a process.

UV254 analysers from Pi allow for the detection of natural organic matter (NOM) which is found in all waters and has a bias towards aromatic compounds which provides significant benefit for monitoring DBP formation potential.

The UV254Sense Probe from Pi uses a high quality, long-life 254nm wavelength UV LED light source. It shines this light through a sapphire window through the water and picks up the light at the other side in a photodiode detector. The amount of light that is ‘lost’ to absorbance in the water is the UVA and the amount of UV light that gets through is the UVT. The correlation between the two is governed by Beer-Lamberts law.

Cost of Ownership

The cost of calibrating and maintaining the UV254Sense Probe UV254 analyser is extremely low as there are no reagents or moving parts. Maintenance is simply cleaning and occasionally ‘zeroing’ the analyser with DI or RO water. With the addition of automatic cleaning systems, the maintenance cost of the UV254Sense Probe is minimal. Coupled with a low purchase cost the total cost of ownership of the UV254Sense Probe is extremely low in comparison to other UV254 instruments.

Key Benefits

  • UVA (ultra-violet absorbance) is an excellent surrogate parameter for TOC, DOC, COD and colour.
  • UVT (ultra-violet transmission) allows for the calculation of optimal UV dose for disinfection systems, improving efficiency.
  • Accurate detection without the cost of reagents.
  • Allows feed forward optimisation of coagulation control, resulting in decreases in chemical consumption, reduction in sludge removal costs and minimisation of DBP formation potential.
  • UVA measurement ensures performance of various contaminant removal technologies such as membranes (RO, NF, UF), ion exchange (nitrates and TOC removal) and granular activated carbon (GAC).
  • Can be combined with a CRONOS® or CRIUS®4.0 for a multi-parameter UV254 analyser solution that suits your needs.

Standard Features

  • Online continuous operation
  • 254nm wavelength UV light source
  • Displays UV transmittance or absorbance values
  • UVT (ultra-violet transmission)
    The primary application for UV transmission monitoring is to control the intensity of UV light output on UV disinfection processes.
  • UVA (ultra-violet absorbance) – the primary application for UV absorbance monitoring is in the optimisation of water treatment process by, for example controlling coagulant dose or by providing a surrogate measurement for measurands such as TOC or COD.
  • Process control – direct measurement of a parameter to control a process such as coagulationUV disinfection and membranes.
  • Specific parameter correlation – correlated to another parameter that is impractical or expensive to measure in real time such as TOC, BOD and COD.
  • Event monitoring – used to monitor baseline absorbance which can trigger an alarm when an absorbance event occurs such as security monitoring for contamination events in a municipal installation.
  • Industrial water and wastewater secondary and effluent monitoring, to determine treatment efficiency after secondary treatment and provide tertiary treatment monitoring and control.

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