Yorkshire Water recently purchased one of Pi’s particle counters – a CounterSense. It was installed at Chellow Heights Water Treatment Works, Yorkshire. You may have seen Pi’s previous blog about the installation in July.

particle counter- CounterSense

Since July, Pi’s particle counter has proven to be a success at Chellow Heights, and following the particle counter’s success, Yorkshire Water has decided to expand the system across their sites and are considering installations on ten more of their sites.

Particle counters from Pi are extremely versatile and can be tailored to an individual’s requirements. With a choice of sensors and controllers, there is something for every application. By changing the controller, you can achieve the same exceptional performance with personalised and different communication, display, and control options.

The particle counters from Pi are all calibratable on site, and with advanced diagnostics and features they are easier than ever to use and maintain.

All the particle counter sensors from Pi come with a ‘clean me’ alert and can be run with a constant head weir or a flow meter, which helps to maintain a constant flow. Perfect for applications where a sensor could be likely to become fouled.

At Pi, we have a broad range of products and an excellent and committed sales and service teams. It all starts with a conversation to find the product best suited to your needs, which might just become a one size fits all system for your application!

If you would like to learn more about Particle counters, Pi, or its products, please visit: https://www.processinstruments.co.uk/contact-us/

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