Providing the most reliable, flexible, and arguably the best water quality analysers on the market.

Global Supplier Of Water Analysis Solutions

As a leading global supplier of water analyser instrument solutions, Process Instruments (UK) Ltd (Pi) was founded in 1998. The evolution of Pi has witnessed the emergence of subsidiaries in both France and Ireland, along with a laboratory, offices and a new production facility in Burnley. Additionally, we now have a business representative base in China, providing Pi with a rising reputation for innovation across six continents and more than 50 nations. At Process Instruments UK, we have consistently focused on providing our customers with arguably the best water quality analysers on the market, which are both reliable and flexible. 

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Find out how Process Instruments can help you and your business with our wide range of applications. From pools to paper, we’ve got you covered.
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Browse Process Instruments’ collection of Water 4.0 analysers and Industry 4.0 instruments by clicking the link below.
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At Process Instruments, we take pride in our accuracy and precision. We have a wide range of tools available, find out what we can measure by clicking the link below.
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Take a look at Process Instruments' revolutionary Instrument Controllers, CRONOS® & CRIUS®4.0.
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The future for Process Instruments…

Ever growing, ever adapting, ever improving. With numerous product developments continually in the pipeline it is safe to say that Pi will always be leading the market, you just might not know it’s us!

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A new face in the UK sales team!

Louis Wilmot joined Pi at the beginning of January 2022 to provide sales and applications support to Pi’s customers in the South, South West, Midlands, North West of England and