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Chlorine analysers from Pi are used in many applications requiring the measurement and control of online residual chlorine levels in water. The HaloSense range is suitable for total or free residual chlorine monitoring or control applications in potable water, seawater, process water, swimming pool water, waste water, food washing, paper and pulp, etc.

Chlorine Sensor
Chlorine Analyser
The HaloSense range of controllers/transmitters means that you get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t. From a low cost no-frills chlorine dosing controller (CRONOS®) to a highly sophisticated colour display, remote access controller (CRIUS®4.0) – and all with the same great sensors! Chlorine dosing control is now simpler and cheaper than ever! Both instruments can have multiple sensors and multiple sensor types, saving money on the requirement for one sensor and one transmitter per measurement.

Residual Chlorine Monitor 3D View

The free and total residual chlorine sensors are three electrode amperometric sensors. Two of the electodes (the gold working electrode and the silver/halide reference electrode) are behind a membrane that separates the sample from the electrodes and are submerged in an electrolyte. The membrane allows the movement of chlorine from the sample to inside the sensor where a low pH environment converts the vast majority of any OCl present to HOCl. The HOCl is measured at the working electrode and a current proportional to the concentration of chlorine is produced which is reported back to the analyser.

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