Remote Access – Control InSite – CRIUS 4.0

The Process Instruments CRIUS®4.0 controller can provide as an option, remote access via LAN or GPRS modem. Utilising the IoT communications protocol MQTT Control InSite from Pi provides the perfect engineer’s tool in that it allows for the remote setup, diagnosis or issues and downloading of data. In fact anythong you can do in front of the analyser you can do remotely from any internet enabled device.

Part of Pi’s suite of data handling products:

  • Control InSite is part of Pi’s suite of data handling products which includes Control InSite (see the video below) and Data InSite
  • Data InSite is a remote, cloud based data handling, compliance monitoring and reporting site. To watch a short video on the differences between Control InSite and Data Insite click here.


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