Chlorine Analysers For Residual Chlorine Monitoring – HypoSense

What is the best way to monitor the chlorine content of bleach online?

The HypoSense is an online chlorine in bleach analyser.

  • Easy to install – the HypoSense is an optical measurement where light is shone into the sample and the amount of light absorbed is proportional to the amount of chlorine in the sample. This means that it is easy to install inline in a flow through fitting.
Chlorine in Bleach sensor
  • Easy to use – for processes that require knowledge of the chlorine level in bleach such as in the Monochloramine (MCA) manufacture, the HypoSense is easy to use and get the best possible control, allowing the user to match the hypo dose to the MCA ammonium precursor using feed forward control available in the CRIUS®4.0.
  • Easy to own – any process requiring a known amount of chlorine in sodium hypochlorite can benefit from a HypoSense. With calibration done via the front panel of the CRIUS®4.0, with temperature compensation built in and with no user serviceable parts, the HypoSense is particularly easy to own.

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