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Chlorine Dioxide Controller – DioSense

DioSenseOnline, continuous Chlorine Dioxide Analysers and Controllers make up the DioSense range which utilises the very latest and best chlorine dioxide sensors available in the world today. The DioSense chlorine dioxide sensors are membraned devices which are insensitive to chlorine, use no reagents, are extremely stable, and have reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

The DioSense chlorine dioxide sensors which give a dissolved chlorine dioxide measurement in ppm or mg/l and their associated flow cells are available with different chlorine dioxide controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and control options.

The DioSense Residual Chlorine Dioxide Monitor is used in many applications requiring chlorine dioxide analysers simply for chlorine dioxide monitoring or residual chlorine dioxide dosing control.

The membraned amperometric chlorine dioxide sensor is a two electrode sensor which operates at an elevated applied potential which in turn eliminates zero drift. Its unique design means that no reagents or buffers are required at all and calibration is a simple one point (no zero required) operation. In addition to the state of the art amperometric chlorine dioxide sensors, the DioSense range of chlorine dioxide controllers has all the functionality that you need. Choose from the CRONOS® or CRIUS®4.0 controller to give you the highest quality chlorine dioxide monitor, with all the functionality you need, at the lowest price possible. Its modular design means that you pay for everything that you need, and nothing you don’t, without sacrificing the quality of measurement. The DioSense chlorine dioxide analyser is used in many applications from hospital water treatment to agricultural produce washing often as part of a chlorine dioxide dosing control regime. Capabilities including remote access via the mobile phone network and full ClO2 dosing control, marking the DioSense as the chlorine dioxide analysers of choice for many ClO2 suppliers.

Pi’s chlorine dioxide analysers are designed to have reduced maintenance, reduced calibration and reduced spares requirements. The DioSense ClO2 analysers are undeniably the most cost effective ClO2 analysers available.

According to the EU Directive 98/83/EC, the operators of waterworks must ensure that the levels of harmful chlorite (ClO2) in drinking water remain below the specified limit of 0.2 mg/l. The monitoring of chlorite at the same time as chlorine dioxide is also a European requirement.

Pi is able to provide both chlorine dioxide and chlorite sensors which can be controlled from a single chlorine dioxide analyser. In most situations the ClO2 analyser will be able to control the dosing of ClO2 by adjusting flow rates, pump rates, or valve positions automatically to maintain the residual chlorine dioxide set-point. Automatic dosing can significantly reduce reagent costs, and increase the level of control over harmful chlorite levels using the DioSense chlorine dioxide analysers.

Chlorine dioxide monitors are often used to monitor the residual ClO2 in difficult ‘dirty’ applications such as in hospitals or the food industry. In these cases, in order to maintain an appropriate chlorine dioxide residual it is necessary to automatically clean the sensor using the AutoFlush.

If you think your application could need the AutoFlush, please contact us and discuss it with our experienced technical sales people.

  • DioSense single modularAmperometric sensors – continuous online chlorine dioxide ppm measurement
  • No chemical reagents – lower cost of ownership
  • Stable and reliable – excellent process control
  • Suitable for all potable and process waters
  • Up to 6 months between maintenance
  • No interference from residual chlorine
  • Tolerant of water containing detergents

The DioSense chlorine dioxide measurement sensors and flow cells are available with different controllers giving you the same great performance with different communication, display, and chlorine dioxide dosing control options.

The two controllers offer different options but both offer the same great user interface and Pi’s great quality.

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