Online Ozone Analyser for Water – OzoSense

The OzoSense Online Dissolved Ozone Monitor from Pi for the measurement of the ozone concentration in water, is designed to be simple to install and operate, and offers unrivalled stability, accuracy and precision, whilst offering excellent value for money.

Ozone Sensor
Online Dissolved Ozone Sensor

World Class Dissolved Ozone Controller Solutions

The OzoSense range of online dissolved ozone analysers and dissolved ozone monitors utilise the very latest and best ozone sensors available in the world today.

The OzoSense sensor is a membraned device which is insensitive to changing pH, uses no reagents, is extremely stable, and has reduced maintenance and reduced whole life costs.

The online dissolved ozone monitor sensors connect to a range of electronic instrument controllers from Pi resulting in world class online dissolved ozone monitoring and controlling solutions. For more information on Pi’s dissolved ozone controllers, click here.

The residual ozone sensors from Pi are two electrode amperometric sensors. The electrodes (the gold working electrode and the silver/halide reference electrode) are behind a membrane that separates the sample from the electrodes and are submerged in an electrolyte. The membrane allows the movement of dissolved ozone from the sample to inside the sensor. The O3 is measured at the working electrode and a current proportional to the concentration of ozone is produced which is reported back to the analyser.
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