Laboratory Charge Analyser – LabSense

Used to determine optimal coagulant dose on a water treatment plant Pi’s range of Laboratory Charge Analysers accurately measure colloidal and ionic charge using the streaming current principle (electrokinetic charge), which is comparable to zeta potential. Charge demand is determined with titration to the isoelectric point using the plant coagulant, either manually or by use of an automatic titrator.

Lab Application
LabSense 1 Laboratory Charge Analyser
In addition, the LabSense can help (in conjunction with jar testing) to determine the optimum alkali addition in soft water applications.

Pi’s LabSense Laboratory Charge Analysers are intuitive, flexible and give great repeatable charge demand determinations time after time.
The LabSense Laboratory Charge Analyser is also known as the ‘5 Minute Jar Tester’. This is because, in typically less than 5 minutes, it enables the user to determine the ideal coagulant dosage needed to achieve the optimum NTU and TOC reduction. This is just one of the reasons that it is considered an essential coagulation optimisation tool for water treatment.

The LabSense measurement cell uses a reciprocating piston in a probe assembly. This probe attracts particles and dissolved materials to its surface, using Van der Waals forces. These particles are surrounded by counter ions which migrate due to the motion of the probe. Electrodes in the probe measure the flow of the counter ions. This is an electrical current. The electrical current is processed electronically and shown on the LabSense screen as the Streaming Current Value (SCV).

Finding the optimum dosage is done by adding a measured volume of coagulant into the raw water sample until the reading indicates complete charge neutralisation has been obtained.
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