Gabry Ostuni and Michael Zhang during a training

Gabry Ostuni and Michael Zhang during a training

Pi is pleased to welcome a new partner from China’s swimming pool industry. Pi’s high quality swimming pool controller ‘AquaSense’ has been chosen by Shanghai Poolice Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. (Poolice) to be their main product offer for pool control due to several benefits which the instrument can offer

AquaSense Benefits:

  • Saves money by controlling pool recirculating pumps based on chlorine demand
  • Eliminates bacteriological growths in pools and spas through better chlorine control
  • Optimises the chemical usage to minimise chlorine in the pool
  • Provides remote access via the Internet

    Pi's Pool controller AquaSense

    Pi’s Pool controller AquaSense

Poolice is a new company in Shanghai, which is focusing on pool water quality monitoring and treatment solutions. According to the company itself it is committed to completely transforming the current poor water quality in China’s pool industry by integrating the world’s latest and best pool technologies. Michael Zhang, a founder of the company, visited Pi’s manufacturing centre in Burnley in the UK, to receive full training on Pi’s advanced swimming pool controller AquaSense. During his visit he was particularly impressed with a trip to a local pool that is using the AquaSense, when he discovered that perfect control is being maintained in a busy pool at 0.7 ppm chlorine and in a busy spa at 1.5 ppm chlorine.

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