Many years of successful cooperation between Pi and Thermomed have led to the development of new complex instrumentation to meet unique customer needs, such as the advanced sensor cleaning system AutoFlush, which is designed to help sensors stay clean, without user intervention, by flushing the sensor with clean water at user defined intervals.

Another AuthoFlush System Shipped Swiftly

The new AutoFlush system was manufactured for a special project last month for Pi’s partner in Turkey, Thermomed. From order to shipment in a blisteringly fast 3 working days!

The new automatic sensor cleaning system has the capacity to connect up to eight different sensors on one unit, was designed exclusively for and in collaboration with the Turkish Ministry of Environment and is now installed in over 60 plants around Turkey.

Autoflush comes in a variety of forms including: autoflush flow cells, dip systems, and even autoflushing in-pipe systems for sensors such as pH and ORP.

For more information on Pi’s projects in Turkey, supported by the Turkish Ministry Environmental Improvement Scheme, visit our website. Alternatively give us a call today to discuss whether your measurement application would benefit from a sensor cleaning system- AutoFlush.

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