Dissolved Oxygen sensors almost always require self-cleaning to ensure accurate readings in difficult applications like aeration lanes on waste water treatment works.

OxySense S Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

OxySense S Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Pi releases two new Dissolved Oxygen sensors

Pi is pleased to announce the integration of In-Situ’s core optical dissolved oxygen sensor, the RDO® into the OxySense range of DO sensors. The RDO® core provides what is probably the best online DO sensor available today, being particularly robust and reproducible.

Pi’s OxySense range includes the OxySense S, a stainless steel sensor with built-in self-cleaning and self-verification. The OxySense S has been specifically designed to be used in aeration lanes in waste water treatment plants where long maintenance intervals (up to two years), provide a low total cost of ownership and reduced costs for the plant when used to control blowers.

The OxySense A is the same core, housed in a different body and designed to be used in a flow cell for other applications.

OxySense A Dissolved Oxygen Sensor in a Single Open Flow Cell

OxySense A Dissolved Oxygen Sensor in a Single Open Flow Cell

When asked about the new OxySense range, Pi’s Sales Director Dr. Rob Paramore said:

“We are so pleased to be able to offer the RDO® core from InSitu in our sensors, combining Pi’s applications experience with InSitu’s DO sensor expertise, giving our customers a wonderfully robust product at a surprisingly low cost.”

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