Ballyloo Ireland 1

Secondary Chlorination in drinking water distribution systems can be an essential way of ensuring that every home has the required residual chlorine at the tap without houses nearer the WTW having to put up with high levels of residual chlorine.

This is the case in Ballyloo in Ireland where Irish water were looking for a reliable dosing system that would incorporate Residual Chlorine Monitoring and flow proportional dosing control of sodium hypochlorite into the distribution main.

Ballyloo Ireland 2

Using CRIUS® 4.0 as the measurement and PID controller, Pi constructed the dosing rig shown which incorporates two Grundfos dosing pumps connected to the CRIUS® 4.0 using a Modbus connection providing for, enhanced information and diagnostics from the pumps, duty standby, residual chlorine monitoring and remote access for compliance reporting, maintenance, and alarm notifications.

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