Coagulation Control is a crucial and complex subject for those responsible for our drinking water.

Coagulation Controller

Pi offers, what are considered by some to be the best coagulation controllers available. Scottish Water have now installed and are operating 10 CoagSense systems in some of their remotest water treatment plants. For Pi, just selling and commissioning such systems isn’t the end of its commitment to their customers!

Pi’s Sales Director Dr Rob Paramore and Lead Engineer Wesley Ashworth led another successful online training event for Scottish Water. This event focussed on Pi’s innovative coagulation control options, providing background to coagulation chemistry and process control, and detailed information on the functionality and benefits of Pi’s CoagSense Coagulation Control System and Streaming Current technology. This training was designed to support operators and engineers who will be working with any of the 10 CoagSense coagulation control systems currently being commissioning across Scotland.

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