Whether it is to solve long lead times from Pi’s competitors, or to solve coagulation control issues, or to solve comms and self-cleaning issues, a great working relationship goes a long way!


Louis Wilmot and Mike Riding from Pi recently spent a day with RSE at their headquarters in Inverness discussing all the above, and more.

RSE and Pi have been working together for many years to solve instrumentation issues facing the water industry, and RSE invited Pi to visit to discuss the innovations that Pi is currently bringing to market. These include the Chloribrid®, the world’s only DPD/Electrochemical chlorine monitoring hybrid, the AlkaSense, a new total alkalinity analyser, and DAFSense® a new Dissolved Air Flotation coagulation control system for industrial wastewater treatment.

Louis Wilmot of Pi said “The best part of my job is being able to bring solutions to my customers, working with them to implement those solutions and seeing the value that they add to their customers processes. RSE are a great company to work with, open to new ideas and solutions”. If you would like to discuss possible solutions to measurement and control challenges don’t hesitate to contact Pi or visit: https://www.processinstruments.co.uk/contact-us/

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