New Online Dissolved Oxygen and ORP monitors for Bull Shoals, AR Wastewater Treatment Plant

A new Dissolved Oxygen (DO) monitor and ORP monitor with automatic sensor cleaning from Process Instruments, via its North American municipal water and waste water partner (Chemtrac Inc.), has recently been installed by Shupe and Associates out of North Little Rock AR.

Chemtrac HA2 and AirFlush Compressor
Chemtrac HA2 and AirFlush Compressor

Pi’s AirFlush Automatic Sensor Cleaning and Verification

The analyser was equipped with both a DO sensor and an ORP (Redox) sensor along with an AirFlush compressor to automatically clean the DO and ORP sensor.

The DO sensor and AirFlush combination is designed to not only keep the DO sensor clean, but also to verify the sensor readings every time the sensor is cleaned. It does this by the force of the AirFlush excluding the water from the face of the sensor (even though it is still submerged). The sensor then sees the change in oxygen levels and if the sensor is operating correctly, the reading changes in a predictable way thereby verifying that the sensor is operating correctly.

Bull Shoals, AR Wastewater Treatment Plant
Bull Shoals, AR Wastewater Treatment Plant

The DO and ORP readings are used to help control The Lakeside oxidation ditch and the waste sludge holding tank. The Lakeside control panel uses the DO reading to control the speed of the brush aerators to maintain the plant operator’s entered DO value.

The ORP sensor is used to keep the waste sludge slightly aerobic. The ORP value is sent to the Primex in-plant SCADA panel that turns on/off a blower feeding air to a fine bubble grid in the tank based on the operator entered start/stop ORP readings.

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Pi is proud to be recognised as a global provider of water analyser instruments. If you would like to learn more about the leading services that we provide, please do not hesitate to contact a dedicated member of the Pi team today. Alternatively if you are based in North America and have a municipal or waste water inquiry, feel free to contact Chemtrac Inc. directly by emailing or give them a call on 0770 449 6233.

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New Online Dissolved Oxygen and ORP monitors for Bull Shoals, AR Wastewater Treatment Plant
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