Chlorine Analyser from Pi to benefit China’s potable water treatment sector

Pi's Chlorine Analyser at exhibition in China
Pi’s Chlorine Analyser at exhibition in China

A successful exhibition was held to present Pi’s range of analysers (including the Chlorine Analyser) for clean water treatment plants in the Jiangsu province of China by Pi’s partner Beijing Ben-Hua Technology Co.,Ltd.

The exhibition was aimed at introducing Pi’s analyser range for potable water treatment plants, such as the; chlorine analyser, pH meter, conductivity meter and particle counter to the Chinese water industry. Pi’s cooperation with Beijing Ben-Hua started in 2011 and since then there have been continuous projects under way in the waste water treatment sector utilising Pi’s CRONOS OxySense dissolved oxygen monitor. Due to the successful performance of Pi’s products in the waste water sector Beijing Ben-Hua is now looking for new opportunities in the clean water treatment sector.

Pi's product exhibition in China
Pi’s product exhibition in China

Introducing Potable Water Analysers To The Chinese Market

Water pollution in China is still an issue, however, according to a World Health Organization report over the past two decades the water and sanitation infrastructure has improved dramatically. Nevertheless the access to safe drinking water varies throughout the country, which suggests that some of the population remains at risk of disease from improperly treated water. Pi’s chlorine analysers HaloSense, will be used for both drinking water chlorination control and distribution monitoring along the network in order to reduce the risk of unsafe water reaching people’s homes.

To get more information about current projects in China visit our website. For more information on chlorine analyser, pH meter, conductivity meter, particle counter or any other water analysis equipment for use in the clean water treatment industry please give us a call today.

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Chlorine Analyser from Pi to benefit China’s potable water treatment sector

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