Pi Attends UK Pool and Spa Exhibition with Lonza

Pi is glad to have worked with Lonza at the UK Pool & Spa Exhibition held in the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham recently. On display alongside Lonza’s pool products, was the AquaSense Pool and Spa controller manufactured by Process Instruments (Pi), which attracted high praise.

AquaSense is Ideal for All Types of Pools

The AquaSense Pool controller, with free chlorine and pH probes can be used to control the chemical dosing in a swimming pool dosed with a product such as Lonza’s HTH (Calcium Hypochlorite). The AquaSense is one of the most advanced pool controllers currently on the market, suitable for all kinds of commercial, municipal and community pools.

Some of the advanced features of the Pi AquaSense include; remote access, allowing pool operators to monitor and control installations remotely, email or text SMS alarms in case of any problems, and full variable speed drive control of circulation pumps based on bather load which can save considerable sums in reducing the amount of electricity used.

These advanced features need not come at added cost however, the AquaSense controller is capable of delivering payback in 3 months, by improving process control such as the pool recirculating pumps.

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Pi Attends UK Pool and Spa Exhibition with Lonza

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