Pi and Chemtrac Coagulation Presentations at Irish Water event

John Clark Coagulation Control
John Clark from Chemtrac explaining ‘Zeta Potential and the charge on colloids’.

Irish Water recently held a series of 3 one day workshops based around coagulation control on Water Treatment Works and Pi, Chemtrac and Water Technology were there to share their knowledge and expertise.

The three one day discussions in March, held in Ballycoolin, Castlebar and Tipperary, focused on the use of coagulation control in water utility companies and featured presentations from industry experts. They were attended by over 70 people per day, a mix of engineers, contractors, consultants, site managers and plant operators.

Focusing on Coagulation Control in Water Utility Companies

Pi’s Managing Director, Mike Riding, and Chemtrac’s General Manager, John Clark, discussed the history of coagulation control and the differences between Turbidity, UV and Streaming Current as single control parameters while introducing Pi’s integrated coagulation controller, CoagSense, which incorporates all three parameters, as well as pH.

The CoagSense from Pi uses a combination of relevant parameters to provide selective single parameter control, meaning the controller can be used select which measurement to use for control based on the current water chemistry whilst avoiding the complexity and expense of larger multi-parameter control systems.

If you think Pi’s CoagSense could help your site run more efficiently, or if you would like more details, please contact us and speak with an application specialist who will be happy to help you.

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Pi and Chemtrac Coagulation Presentations at Irish Water event

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