Dmd Srl in Italy have developed a dosing control skid incorporating a Process Instruments online Biofilm monitor and the DioSense online Chlorine Dioxide sensor to monitor and control Biofilm growth in hospital water supplies.

Chlorine Dioxide is used more and more often as the disinfectant of choice in hospital water systems largely because of it’s efficiency at colder temperatures, meaning hot water supplies can be monitored at a lower temperature, saving energy.

The BioSense online Biofilm monitor allows for the verification by the controller that the disinfection is effective providing peace of mind and an extra level of security for the patients.

Why Dmd Srl Chose Pi’s CRIUS Controller

Dmd Srl chose to incorporate the two sensors and the CRIUS analyser (capable of remote access over the internet/mobile network and full PID control) following several months of extensive tests.

For more information or to discuss an application in detail please contact us. You can find further information about the Biofilm Monitor and Chlorine Dioxide Analyser on our products pages, or in the downloads section.

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