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CRIUS®4.0 – Analyser, Controller, Datalogger, Web Interface

CRONOS water controllerHighest Quality – Low Cost – Superior Functionality

Part of a range of controllers, the CRIUS®4.0 is the big brother of the CRONOS® and offers more sensor connections, more functionality and more flexibility with a colour screen and optional built in 3G/4G modem or LAN adaptor. The CRIUS®4.0 is an attractively priced, top of the range instrument controller. Optional communications options and optional Remote Access utilising the Internet of Things (IoT) MQTT protocol, the CRIUS®4.0 is fully Industry 4.0 compliant with live, encrypted data available across multiple platforms.

The CRIUS®4.0 is equipped with the capability to connect up to four sensors of any type with appropriate analogue outputs and relays. Four sensors not enough? Simply connect up to 4 CRIUS®4.0 together all using the same display and communications. Equipped with data logging as standard and multiple PID loops as options, the CRIUS®4.0 is very able to control complex water treatment processes at a fraction of the cost of other controllers. With all users having their own log on, and with three levels of instrument and remote access security, you can use the CRIUS®4.0 with all of its superior functionality with confidence.

The phrases ‘Water 4.0’, ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘SMART and DIGITAL’ are now commonly heard but what do they mean and where does Pi fit in? Industry 4.0 relates to the concept that we are living through a 4th Industrial Revolution where factories will be as SMART as they can be. The main principles are based on:

  • Interoperability
  • Information
  • Transparency
  • Technical Assistance
  • Decentralisation

Water 4.0 is how this technology and philosophy will be implemented/will affect the water industry. The Internet of Things refers to all devices we use all the time talking to each other and making their own decisions.

It is generally accepted that SMART refers to the increasing sophistication of equipment to make decentralised decisions, so it is this technology that allows for the implementation of Industry 4.0 or Water 4.0, and DIGITAL refers to its comms capability. For example, in 1990 a chlorine analyser measured chlorine in water, gave out a 4-20mA output proportional to the chlorine and a couple of relays.

In 2018 the CRIUS®4.0 HaloSense (fully Water 4.0 developed) can provide the 4-20mA output and relays, but also has multiple digital comms options (interoperability), has space for up to 16 sensors (information transparency), has wireless and wired internet access (technical assistance) using the Internet of Things protocol MQTT and full PID capability with remote setpoint, i.e. another device can set the setpoint (decentralisation).

The CRIUS®4.0 controller provides users with numerous benefits:

  • Multi-Sensor – reduces costs
  • Onboard PID and other controls – reduces cost and improves process control
  • Onboard data logging
  • Remote Access via MQTT – live results anywhere in the world
  • Industry leading autocleaning options for sensors – reduced maintenance and cost of ownership

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