Process Instruments is pleased to welcome a new partner from Italy who will be dealing with coagulation control analysers such as Streaming Current Monitors and Organics Monitors.

Training Idrogeotec Srl To Use Pi’s Analysers

Engineer Pierpaolo Pecoraro of Idrogeotec Srl visited Pi’s office in Burnley in June 2014 to receive full training on the use of Pi’s water treatment analysers, which was provided by International Sales Executive Gabry Ostuni, with a specific emphasis on coagulation controllers and UV254 Organics Monitor.

The Streaming Current Monitor – StreamerSense will be used in the South of Italy in small water plants to detect and control the level of coagulant added to water to remove colour and particulates during water treatment. These water plants are located in remote and difficult to access locations, therefore requiring automatic coagulation control, which is why the Streaming Current Monitor, StreamerSense, is a great option. The StreamerSense sensor is available with different controllers such as the CRIUS and CRATOS that can be fitted with a local area network card (LAN) or a GSM/GPRS modem that can be used to connect remotely to the analyser via the Internet. This advanced remote access option allows engineers to cost effectively control coagulant by making the necessary coagulant feed adjustments in order to continuously maintain the required dosage level.

To demonstrate the remote access capability of the CRIUS please click here or to learn more about the control capability of the CRIUS please click here.
For more information on the StreamerSense for coagulation control please visit our website or call us today.

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