Pi’s visit to Romanian distributor, Katalin Noshe, in September turned out to be a great success with two projects already underway. Working together with Pi’s Romanian partner Katalin Noshe, online dissolved oxygen meters have been installed in a municipal waste water treatment plant in the Transylvania region.

Municipal Waste Company Orders CRONOS OxySense

Soon after Levente Szabo of Katalin Noshe made a presentation to representatives from a municipal waste water treatment company in September, the order was placed for a CRONOS OxySense. Pi’s online dissolved oxygen monitor for use in aeration lanes and oxidation ditches to control the air blowers, received extra attention due to it’s: self cleaning, self validating and extremely low maintenance requirements.

The second project involved Pi’s HaloSense free and total chlorine analyser. The benefits of reduced pH dependency that this analyser offers and the remote internet access option available with Pi’s controllers were of particular interest to the water company. Pi’s controllers; CRIUS and CRATOS, offer remote access, which was especially important to the customer due to the large distances between chlorine measuring points and treatment facilities. The main source of water for the plant is the river Someșul Mic (on the right). Pi was able to offer its CRIUS HaloSense system with GPRS remote access as a solution to the existing issue of data transmission, which will allow the customer to save money and ensure efficient functionality of the plant.

Export Sales Manager Gabry Ostuni commented “I was very impressed with the high standard of water treatment in the Transylvania region of Romania. The guys there are doing a great job, managing to deliver safe water to the homes of the local population.”

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