Process Instruments (Pi) started supplying the CRIUS® controller in June 2006 and one of the first customers was Bettix in Bolton, a plastic injection moulding specialist company.

Since then, every 6-7 weeks a Pi engineer, Jonathan Cook, has visited the site to calibrate and maintain the equipment associated with the CRIUS® installation.

In all that time Jonathan has not had to maintain the CRIUS® in any way…that means that the CRIUS® has been working perfectly for 17 years without a single issue!

Martin Hearne from Bettix said of the CRIUS® “We just never worry about it! It runs and runs and is very reliable”. Jonathan from Pi said “I’ve been working at Pi since the very first CRIUS® so I know how reliable they are. We’re now 3 versions on from the CRIUS® at Bettix with many many improvements but it’s great to see it there working away for so long”.

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