What do Hobbits and Chlorine Analysers from Process Instruments have in Common?

They can both be found in the Queenstown Lakes District of New Zealand!

The visually stunning landscape of Queenstown Lakes District has played host to the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit film franchises, serving as a set location for parts of the film and in the last few months Chemical Feed Solutions Ltd. (who design and build analyser control packages) have replaced all of the chlorine analysers in the Queenstown Lakes District in New Zealand with CRIUS HaloSense residual chlorine analysers. Since the completion of the work for Veolia, Mark Parry of Chemical Feed Solutions said of the equipment supplied by Pi:

“All of the chlorine/pH analysers are working well (Cl2 residuals are a lot more stable than with the previous chlorine analysers). The first unit that went in was a 2x pH input CRIUS which went in early July this year. Since then we have installed pre and post residual CRIUS (2x units) at all of the water treatment plants in the area (4 water treatment plants, 8x Cl2/pH analysers).”

The CRIUS HaloSense controllers are a potentiostatic chlorine-amperometric membraned chlorine sensor. This free chlorine sensor has a reduced susceptibility to pH variations and as such provides a very stable online residual chlorine measurement and control instrument.

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What do Hobbits and Chlorine Analysers from Process Instruments have in Common?
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