The FilterSense particle counter from Pi was chosen by Novatec Srl to be integrated as part of a microscope washing system. The microscope components manufacturer approached Novatec Srl requesting that they add a particle counter on its Pluritank 190 high performance washing system.

Pi Setup at Novatex Srl

FilterSense Particle Counter system installed on the last washing step

FilterSense system installed on the last washing step

The CRONOS® instrument controller and FilterSense particle counter was installed in the last washing step in the system and is used to, indirectly, determine the degree of cleanliness of the microscope components by measuring the particles present in the water.

After an in-depth study, Pi’s FilterSense particle counter was chosen to perform both the count of the total particles in the range 2-750 μm, but also perform a dimensional characterisation in the following two ranges:

  • Range 1: from 2 μm to 100 μm
  • Range 2: from 2 μm to 50 μm

which are then transmitted to the external system by two analogue outputs and the values used to monitor the washing progress. The system is also equipped with data logs so that the users can track changes.

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