Pi’s turbidity meter (TurbSense®) and coagulation control system (CoagSense) were recently presented by Pi’s sales director, Dr Rob Paramore, to the management team of Shenzhen Water Group, China.

Coagulation Control System

Pi’s turbidity meter (TurbSense®) determines online turbidity, and/or suspended solids in water. A point of interest throughout the presentation was Pi’s patented MutoLux® measurement technology, which contributes towards the low maintenance requirements of a TurbSense.

Pi’s coagulation control system (CoagSense) is used for coagulation dosing. The CoagSense is multiparameter and can determine the required coagulant dose. This is done by the CoagSense outputting a flow proportional coagulation control signal that can either go to a site SCADA, or direct to a coagulant dosing pump.

By using Pi’s coagulation controller, it would benefit Shenzhen Water Group’s drinking water works due to providing process control improvements and chemical savings.

Shenzhen is one of China’s largest Tier 1 cities, with a population of seventeen million people. The presentation was arranged and hosted with help from the Department of Business and Trading, UK Government.

For more information about our TurbSense, CoagSense, or any of our other products, please visit our website: https://www.processinstruments.co.uk

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