Pi’s AutoFlush dual sensor, combining a free chlorine sensor (HaloSense) and a pH probe (pHSense), are being successfully used in a food and drink application. Pi’s lead service engineer and a member of the sales team went to PDM Produce, Shropshire, on a service call to service one of Pi’s AutoFlush dual sensors. PDM Produce is a salad washing company, that uses one of Pi’s AutoFlush dual sensor to monitor chlorine and pH levels during their salad washing process.

AutoFlush Dual Sensor PDM

Following the service visit, a quote from the customer, PDM, was that they “were very pleased with the results”, as along with their AutoFlush being serviced, they were shown how to use remote access (Control InSite) to monitor all of their sites. The benefit of using remote access from Pi, is that it allows customers to interact with the instrument from anywhere, at any time. You don’t have to be on site to access the CRIUS®4.0!

Pi’s AutoFlush is a sensor cleaning flow cell. The sensors, in this case a free chlorine sensor and pH sensor, are housed in a flow cell, as seen on the photograph. Over time, sensors can get fouled especially when monitoring samples where there are likely to be leaves and remnants of soil that the salad was grown in. Therefore, the use of the AutoFlush helps to keep sensors free from any residue and product build up. This results in acquiring accurate readings and allowing the products to work at their optimum.

AutoFlush’s are in use in many different applications including measuring peracetic acid in the meat industry and total chlorine in the paper and pulp industry.

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