Peracetic Acid – The next big thing in disinfection? If so Pi has the monitoring and control solution.

Process Instruments (Pi) has seen a sharp increase in interest around monitoring and controlling Peracetic Acid levels for disinfection purposes in recent months. This interest has been particularly focused around the food industry with Peracetic Acid now being seen by some as a replacement for traditional Chlorine based disinfection products.

Pi Controllers Now Compatible with Paracetic Acid Sensors

Peracetic Acid Sensor
Peracetic Acid Sensor

Pi is pleased to say that our existing range of controllers (CRONOS, CRIUS and CRATOS) can now also be equipped with Peracetic Acid sensing probes. These probes are available in two different ranges (0-200 ppm and 0-2000 ppm) and like all Pi’s probes are the most reliable and robust on the market. Pi’s Peracetic Acid sensors can also be combined, if required, with multiple other probes to monitor several parameters all on one controller, such as pH, conductivity etc.

Pi’s Peracetic Acid probes have been shown by our customers to have far faster response times than our competitors and when combined with our intelligent PID control option gives unrivalled Peracetic Acid level control. Pi’s intelligent PID control algorithm allows the user to set the ‘exact’ desired level of Peracetic Acid and the controller automatically adjusts dosing levels to maintain that exact disinfectant level; no longer is it necessary to have disinfectant levels bouncing between high and low set-point (threshold) levels.

If you would like more information on Process Instruments Peracetic Acid (PeraSense) range or have a different application that you would like to discuss then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Peracetic Acid – The next big thing in disinfection? If so Pi has the monitoring and control solution.

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